Kudos to the San Francisco Police Department for this amazing “It Gets Better” video.

SF’s Rainbow Chard Alliance

I’m all for diversity in the environmental movement, which has historically been a cause for the white, upper-class and heterosexual.

That’s why — while studying up for the San Francisco Green Festival this weekend — I was pleased to learn about the Rainbow Chard Alliance, which, in addition to having an awesome name, is an LGBT farmer and gardener network in San Francisco.

I understand that it’s not always easy to expend energy on eco causes — especially when you’re just trying to fight for your right to get married — so kudos to this group for rallying eco-queer activists around sustainability and social justice — two ideals which should not be mutually exclusive.

Photo: Flickr/brainchildvn

LA Times: Rick Santorum tries to solve his Google problem

Surprise, surprise. The more Rick Santorum discusses his *awkward* Google problem, the more he contributes to it.

SFist: Local Legend and Pioneering Transgender Performer Vicki Marlane Dies at 76

(I’m trying something new here and posting non-green stories of interest; bear with me as I experiment.)

RIP Vicki Marlane, who I had the pleasure of watching perform last year at Aunt Charley’s. Can you even imagine being a drag queen in the ’50s? Definitely a profile in courage.

Target: it’s complicated

Last week, Target was all over the news.

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s annoyed with navigating Target’s new grocery aisles when I all want is to buy Method and Seventh Generation cleaning products, picture frames and a bocce ball set (that’s a real shopping list, ladies and gents). The Wall Street Journal reports that Target’s recent emphasis on groceries and low prices may actually be alienating their core clientele and damaging their business in the long run.

While the retailer announced it would carry out new, transparent corporate social responsibility reporting (and I’ve always been impressed by their efforts to reduce product packaging when I’ve seen presentations from Target at recycling conferences), Target is under fire for donating to an extremist anti-gay organization.

Photo: Target stock photo