A different way to do Vegas

I don’t like Las Vegas.

I hate secondhand smoke, and gambling bores me. Although I try not to be one of those environmentalists who lets her beliefs ruin all her fun, when I look at Las Vegas, all I see is a giant waste of water and energy.

Clearly, I’m not itching to get back to Vegas. But if I ever end up in Sin City again (another reason to dislike Vegas: cheesy, self-important nicknames), I just found out about a hotel I could stay in while maintaining some semblance of sanity.

The Vdara Hotel and Spa is smoke-free, non-gaming and eco-friendly. The resort is LEED certified, boasts energy-efficient appliances in the rooms and lighting in the parking garages, and uses non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Now if the hotel just had Thunder from Down Under, everyone’s favorite unintentionally-funny all-male revue, I would never venture out of the resort.

Photo: Flickr/brx0

Greetings from Big Sur

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of staying at the luxurious and eco-friendly Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur (a trip made more enjoyable by the fact that we did not have to pay for the pricey resort).

Check out some of the Post Ranch’s cool green features:

Post Ranch offers free reusable water bottles to take advantage of the area’s clean, fresh water and to discourage disposable water bottles.

Want chilled water? The resort provides glass water bottles in each room’s fridge, refilling and reusing empty bottles.

The resort’s 208 kilowatt solar array.

And who knew solar panels made a great shelter for wild turkeys?

Many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used at the Post Ranch’s restaurant are grown in its own garden.

And did I mention that Big Sur is paradise?  Who needs Hawaii and palm trees?  I’ll take Big Sur over a tropical vacation any day.