New Global Report Reveals That the Spirit of Childhood is at Risk

Today I came across this press release reporting the findings of a ridiculous study recently commissioned by Kraft Foods:

"The results of a new global report released today by the OREO brand and Ipsos Public Affairs indicate that from China to Poland and Portugal to Venezuela, the spirit of childhood – that is, the chance for children and adults alike to enjoy simple, carefree moments – may be destined for the endangered species list. The report reveals that the vast majority of parents surveyed believe today"s kids are growing up quicker than previous generations. In fact, seven out of 10 parents worldwide say their children should have more time to ‘just be kids.’

The idea that the spirit of childhood is on the decline is true not only for kids, but also adults. Parents everywhere yearn for the type of lighthearted enjoyment they had when they were kids. In fact, a majority of parents worldwide (59%) say they don”t have fun on a daily basis and 54 percent say they rarely experience the feelings of delight they did when they were children.”

1. Do you think kids working in factories in the early 1900s experienced the “lighthearted enjoyment” of childhood? How about the centuries of children toiling away on the family farm, day after day? Or kids drafted into wars or killed during the massacres of the past centuries?

I love it when people take a cultural phenomenon that existed in America in the 1950s for about five years and say that’s how “things used to be” across the world, across time.

2. 59 percent of parents say they don’t have fun on a daily basis? Newsflash: Being an adult is hard!

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